Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preschool Song: The Train Station

The Train Station

Let the children line up to make a train and roll down that track!

The train rolled into the station
and opened it's doors.

A passenger was waiting
to climb aboard.

Choo, choo

Choo, choo
Rolling  down the track!



  1. This is so cute! I'll have to try this one with the activities you posted!

  2. This is great for making flannel stories, not only because of the transportation theme-but the shapes & patterns involved as well!
    Great post and song!

  3. Love it! Train songs are good in so many situations...

  4. Hello:

    Your songs let us and my daughters
    learn English very well,Thank you !! I will buy your CD,BUT how can we do?we come from Taiwan.
    My daugter can dance ballet.


  5. When the CD comes out - we will see what we can work out to make sure you get a copy. I loved seeing your daughter in her ballet dress - she was so beautiful!

  6. Great Blogs! I always love finding new songs to sing to my toddlers!


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