Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Preschool Song: The seed begins in the garden

I am in the final stages of finishing my first children's song CD.  This is a sample of what will be on the CD and almost what the songs will sound like with instrumental from Phillip Jacoby

This version hasn't been "mastered" yet - do you like my professional musician lingo? :)  

The seed grows

As your child sings this song, have the child bend low to the ground and as the seed grows, have the child stretch up to grow too!

The Seed Begins in the Garden

The seed begins in the garden
Tiny and small
But then it grows, and grows, and grows,
Big and tall!


Copyright © 2010 Deborah J. Stewart

I'd love to hear what you think - but be nice! LOL!

Make the parts of a flower! 
Plant your own seeds!

Check out Try and Tell!!


  1. So catchy. I love it and I am sure my two little munchkins would too.

    I really like that your songs have actions with them. My little boy in particular seems to really enjoy songs where we get down on the ground and then pop up, or where we use our fingers and hands to make actions.

    It's so exciting that you are releasing a CD. I will be one of your first customers and can't wait to have some of your songs playing in our CD all the way over here in Australia. We will be singing our hearts out, doing all the actions and having an absolute ball!

  2. Very cute, Deborah! I can't wait to hear about the cd release! :)

  3. Great job! I like the use of your profess lingo,and this is great timing. We are going to plant some green herbs indoors this week.

  4. I love it Debbie! I am going to teach my three year olds this song. They just finished a unit on seeds and flowers last week. Cute! Can't wait to hear the rest of your CD....good luck with finishing it up....it was also wonderful to 'hear' your voice....been a few years! :)

  5. Your own CD! Now that is exciting. Thanks for giving us a preview.

  6. Oh well done! I've long been a fan of your songs, so I'm just thrilled to hear you'll have a CD coming out! Let us know the details so we can run out and buy it once it's available!!

    Counting Coconuts

  7. *Clapping*clapping*clapping*~I'm not surprised I KNEW it would sound wonderful! Yippee! I am soo excited for you. Yes. I agree the pianist is really good. What a great pair! I am so proud of you for staying focused:) Big Hugs!

  8. Thank you all - centers, you are always so fun to hear from!

  9. Great! I'm loving the comments. Another way (maybe similar too) check out the BOTONY ALBUM from A Montessori Marketplace (amontessorimarketplace.com). It teaches you everything you need to know and how to teach your young ones on how to plant and the importance of planting...

  10. I love it! It's so simple, and I am a big fan of simple. I'm going to try to learn this one tonight for the rest of this week's unit on Spring - thanks for sharing!


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