Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet my new friend and win a cute little valentine t-shirt!

Entries will not be not accepted after 8am eastern time 2/01/2010...  Winners will be announced on both FB fan pages by 10am eastern time!  Good luck and thank you so much for your participation - we had fun sharing Julie's t-shirts with you!

Valentine T-Shirt

One of my favorite things about facebook is finding all the goodies that people have to share. It reminds me of going to an exhibition hall filled with samples of just about everything you could want in preschool. 
Through Facebook, I met my new friend Julie from Togs 4 Sprogs. I invited Julie to have a give-away on my blog so you could see her wonderfully cute t-shirt designs and Julie has generously agreed!  

What Julie is giving away...
Two winners will be selected and each winner will have a choice of one t-shirt from the collection shown below.

Give-Away Rules...
  1. Go to Tog4Sprogs on Facebook and become a fan!
  2. Go to Teach Preschool on Facebook and become a fan!
  3. Come back here and leave a comment telling us you are a fan of both pages and which t-shirt you like the best! 
Note: Include your Facebook user name at the end of your comment so we can identify you on FB!

Announcing the winners..
After a random drawing, we will announce one winner on the Togs 4 Sprogs Facebook page and the other winner will be announced on the Teach Preschool page on Monday morning by 10am!

The winner will get to choose a t-shirt from the following selections as well as the t-shirt size and name that he or she would like to go on the t-shirt. Julie will contact winners to make arrangements through Facebook. 

Now check out the t-shirts below and you are ready to get started! Thanks in advance....

Want to order other personalized T-Shirts from Togs 4 Sprogs? Click here to view the Togs 4 Sprogs website!


  1. Randee Ottinger-BryanJanuary 29, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    They are all so cute it's hard to pick just one. I think my favorite is To the World I might just be someone......

    And I'm a fan of both pages!! Yay!

    Randee Stefanski Ottinger-Bryan

  2. Thanks for this chance! I'm Maria, from Argentina and I'm a fan of both pages. My name in FCBK is Maria Bossa (maria.bossa)
    Best regards, M :)

  3. These are adorable shirts!!! I teach pre-school and can't wait to share your site with everyone at school. These are adorable!
    Karen Ellis Harrington (Facebook)

  4. Opps, I loved your designs so much that I forget to tell you that I am fan of both pages!!! (See I do teach preschool and it has been a long day!)
    Karen Ellis Harrington (Facebook)

  5. I am a fan of both pages...and starting Monday as a Director at Kindercare Learning Centers...I would love to be able to sprout the To the world I may just be someone...My facebook....Jamie Seeber... :)

  6. Fan of both pages - I love them all - sep the 50% one!


  7. Hi Deborah,
    I am a fan of both groups too and will have to choose the 50/50=100 shirt, even though ALL of them are Way too cute!If won , it will be for my Great that cool!? :)

  8. I am a fan of both pages! I would like the Mommy's Little Valentines but have three boys... LOL!

    Lisa Riggs on FB!

  9. I am a fan of both pages! I teach preschool and love seeing other people out their that are just as crazy as I am for our profession! My fave shirt is.."To the world I might be one person..."

  10. I am a fan of both pages! I am a preschool teacher and love this stuff! My favorite would have to be the 50% one, but I like them all.

  11. Fan of both pages
    My favorite is Bee Mine - but it's hard to choose! I like them all!
    Elaine Ranus Dailey

  12. Hi Everyone-
    I am a fan of both pages. I am a Head Start teacher and I am always looking to learn new things and snitch great ideas ;)

    My favorite t-shirt that I love love love.....
    "I may just be someone in the world, but to someone I am the world"

    That is just how I feel about my little boy. He is truly my world.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I hope I do

    Amy Fielden-Major

  13. I'm a fan of both! :) Love love love the shirts, they're so cute!

    (kiwi.travelbug) Caroline Blommaert - FB

  14. Linda Setlik HornerJanuary 30, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    What adorable shirts! I'm a fan of both pages. I love the First Valentines Day one.

    Linda Setlik Horner

  15. I am a fan of both pages. My favorite is 1st valentines day!

    Lisa Doerr

  16. Hi, I am now a fan of both Facebook pages. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw you had become a follower and I decided to stop by (yes I am also following your blog now). So glad I did, so I had a chance to see these adorable designs. I love the 50% mom, 50% dad, 100% cute. Would be perfect for the little bundle on the way.
    Karen Waide

  17. I'm a fan of both pages, and I love all the t-shirts, but I think my fave is "To the world I might just be someone...." Thx for the fun contest!FB; Kristi Carter Stilson Twitter; @childrenRfirst

  18. I love all the t-shirts! They are adorable. My favorite is probably the "To the world I might be...." I am now a fan of both pages. Thanks Deborah for all you are doing for us!! Peggy Regnier Constant

  19. I just love each site! Very cute! And the shirts are just darling! Hard to pick but I think the one I love is "To the world I might just be someone..."
    Only because I think that way of my kids!! Very cute ideas for shirts though, all are very cute!


  20. I am so glad to see all of you visiting the Sites - Even though we are different, both Julie and I both put a lot of work into what we do and love being able to share it with others.

  21. Love your sites! I am now an official fan of both on facebook. I love the Some Bunny tee (I love them all but I think that's my favourite).

    Cassandra Weimann

  22. I'm a fan of both pages, love all of the shirts; however, my favorite is "my daddy and mama love me this much".


    jana putos

  23. Hi Julie,

    I couldn't figure out how to post a comment on your blogspot. How pathetic is that? lol But I am a member/fan of both your site and the Teach Playschool one.

    If I were to win your contest I would want the tshirt that says the saying about being the world to someone.... etc. It was a tough decision as I love them all.


  24. The shirts were awesome. What cute ideas! Thanks for telling us about them. My favs were the personal shirts. My fav was "What Happens In Preschool Stays in Preschool" (I will bet parents want to know what the children have done all day!).

    I also liked "Jesus Loves You...but Im his Favorite". I say that a lot, but I have never seen it on a shirt.

    Keep up the great work!
    (Briana Amirsharafi Keith-Watson)

  25. oops. Im a fan of both pages!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirts! I signed up as well and am a fan of both sites. As a PreK teacher I love the teacher shirts that say What happens in PreK stays in PreK! So cute!

  27. I signed up to win a of my favorite the world I may be just someone but to someone I may be the it!

  28. I signed up and I am a fan of both sites! I love "Bee Mine" too cute!!

  29. Lisa Ludlow ArcherJanuary 31, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    these are so cute, i signed up and I am a fan on both sites. I love the "first" shirts. So stinking cute.

  30. I am now a fan on both facebook sites, plus I follow you on Twitter. I am loving all of the great Preschool ideas. I am a mommy so of course I love the mommy shirt the best. What a cute product.

  31. 50% fun
    50% creativity
    that's the only recipe for us!!!!
    I'm fan on both pages now, wish you all luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I am a fan of both pages! Thanks! Bee Mine is my favorite:-)
    Katherine Tuttle LoMonaco

  33. I am a fan of both pages!
    Very Cute! My favorite is the 50% Mommy and 50% Daddy!!
    Karen Q

  34. Thank you everyone for being a part of this give-away.

    No more entries are now being accepted!

  35. I became a fan!! and would love a shirt!!

  36. I've been a fan of both links for a few weeks does that still count for the drawing? I've even shared with friends!
    Sarah Yonkman

  37. Sure it does - we are waiting to hear from our second winner - if she doesn't come through then we will include everyone in a second chance drawing for sure!


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