Friday, February 5, 2010

I know where I live

This is a little song that helps children remember their own name as well as the name of the street they live on.  I didn't make it up rather this song was shared with me by 4 Crazy Kings.  I asked her if I could share her idea with all of you and she kindly said YES!

Tune: The Muffin Man

Oh, Do you know (insert name)
(insert name)
(insert name)
Do you know (insert name)
She/He lives on (insert street name).

You can listen to a sample of the song below...

4 Crazy Kings said....
So far we've been able to insert all types of names (from her daughters class) and it still sounds alright. I am sure there are a few names that are so long they may need to be shortened to just part of the name.

I tried it too and have put a sample name in the recording to give you the idea. I hope I have sang it the way it was intended:)

Have fun!


  1. That's a great idea. When my children were younger, I made up a song for them to remember their address and phone number. It would've been easier if I'd used a familiar tune.


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