Monday, January 25, 2010

Lemonade Stand Award

Counting Coconuts was so kind and shared this award with me! I am lovin' the attention!

This award is given to bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude.

I haven't met a blogger yet that doesn't show those qualities! But the following bloggers have been above and beyond supportive of my blog and I appreciate them for their support. So I am passing his award on to...

Teacher Tom
Brick by Brick
Frugal Family Fun Blog

Look at My Happy Rainbow
Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds

The rules for accepting this award:

  • Put the logo on your blog (copy and paste it) or within your post.
  • Nominate 3 (or more) blogs to pass the award on to.
  • Link the nominees in your post.
  • Let the nominees know you've given them this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link back to the person from whom you received this award.


  1. Awww, this is so kind of you and I really appreciate that you would think of me for this award. It's a great feeling to know that people appreciate your blog.

    Wahoo on 100 followers - that is fantastic! You'll have another 100 before you know it.

  2. Thank you for all your kind comments as well! Congrats on your 100 followers!


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