Friday, January 8, 2010

The Color Pink: For grown up girls!

The Color Pink

Copyright 2010 © Deborah J. Stewart

I hope you don't mind stepping away from early childhood education for a day while I share this presentation created for my sister Susan and my friends Kathy and Debbie. 


  1. Oh My Gosh Deborah! That was the most beautiful song! It even made me, so lovely! Do you mind if I share it with My Breast Cancer Friends?

  2. I am honored. I am touched. I am blessed. I am fortunate. I am amazed. I am humbled. I am encouraged. I am supported. I am strengthened. I am hugged. I am loved.

    Deborah, thank you from the bottom of my heart. A week from today I will be waking up to a whole new body image, an entirely new level of pain -- physically & psycologically.

    With friends like you I have the courage to know what a party can begin on Jan. 15th. It's the party of a whole new chapter of living & life. It is an honor to have the strength and support of the early childhood network of caring individuals to carry me forward into my next chapter of living....

  3. Deborah, this is very beautiful and touching, and brought tears to my eyes. Your friends and family are very blessed to have you.

  4. Very touching, Deborah. I pray that your friends will have courage and keep going.

    You are an inspiration to us all!

  5. Truly inspirational, Deborah. I'm proud to know you.

  6. I am clapping! As always, I can't wait to share your song with my little girls. They all wore their pink ribbons this year! Now they'll be able to sing your song too:) Sending you BIG hugs! I love you!

  7. Deborah, thank you for sharing this song. This song brought tears to my eyes but a reminder that this world is standing together to help those who is fighting Breast Cancer and help to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

    I am going to share this with my class, colleagues, and facebook friends.

  8. Thank you for all the comments and for Debbie's words from the heart:) I hope you all will share this with those you care about too!

  9. inspire me...thanks for sharing


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