Friday, February 26, 2010

I Had a Little Red Balloon Presentation

I Had A Little Red Baloon

Have your children reach deep into their "pretend" pocket and pull out their "red" balloon. Stretch the balloon this away then stretch the balloon that away before starting this fun little fingerplay.

I had a little red balloon

pretend to hold up balloon

And I blew, and I blew, and I blew!
hold both hand up near mouth and pretent to blow up the balloon
And it grew, and it grew, and it grew!
spread hands farther apart each time you say "grew"
I tossed it in the air,
hold hands palms up and pretend to toss the balloon up
And didn't let it drop.
I bounced it on the ground, hold hands palms down and pretend to bound the balloon down
And it went POP!
clap hands together to make the balloon pop.


Fingerplay: unknown author
All other material: Copyright © 2009 Deborah J. Stewart, All Rights Reserved!


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  3. Yeaah, I can do this one tomorrow for the wind/air are good!


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